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Absolute Bowie

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Absolute Bowie were formed through a chance meeting and a mutual love of David Bowie’s music.
After first conceiving the idea of a Bowie tribute we needed to create a dynamic in order to accomplish our goal. To create the authentic feel, we needed the right musicians. We searched far and wide – our musical journey was finally nearing its end as we gathered our spaceboys one by one. Once assembled our dynamic grew day by day.
We placed an advert in the Algarve Times for a rock god – Mick Ransom fell to earth and the line up was complete. Choosing the material from db’s back catalogue was difficult given that there are so many great songs in his vast repertoire. The only unanimous decision was to leave out ‘The Laughing Gnome’. Even the man himself feigned deafness when fans requested the ’song’.

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